My times spent at Taseko Lake Lodge are some of the most special memories with my family that I have. Whether we were at the lodge with the Reuter family, or high above the alpine in the surrounding mountain ranges, you feel you are in the heart of some of the most spectacular wilderness that British Columbia has to offer. Sig took my family on 10-day pack trips throughout the Taseko territory. My memories of Sig as our guide are warm, professional, and knowledgable. No matter how far above the treeline we got, we always felt safe and confident with Sig leading the route. Many of the horse camps along the way were set in valley meadows and forests that are simply stunning. We also spent many days relaxing at the Taseko Lake log cabins, swimming on horseback in Taseko Lake and exploring all the surrounding streams and meadows with their family. Again my memories of Taseko Lake Lodge are some of my most special and I can’t recommend it strongly enough to see beautiful British Columbia at its very best!
— Anna, Vancouver Island

“The greatest hapiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse.” Okay, there’s some truth to that saying. The Taseko Lake Lodge is a place which is far away from the daily hustle and bustle. I already did a pack horse expedition and stayed multiple times at the lodge to enjoy the beauty of nature and the warm hospitality of the Reuter family. I highly recommend this unique adventure!
— Felix, Germany

Everyone needs a Taseko adventure! They are incredible!
— Pat, Brazil

The pack-trip with my father and brother was a wonderful adventure in breathtaking scenery, far away from civilization.
— Peter, Germany