I like people who get excited about the change of seasons, the sound of the ocean, watching a sunset, the smell of rain, and starry nights.
— Brooke Hampton

The joy of living simply spectacular!


For us the mountains are a little piece of heaven. There’s something about the peaks and valleys, lakes and streams that keeps one’s attention focused on the moments in life. The grandeur is humbling and thought provoking. Each season with its beauty and challenges brings a unique perspective to living more simply and reminds us to be thankful for our lives here and revel in the incredible beauty we find so much joy in sharing.

We exist to share authentic and life changing outdoor adventures to connect people with people and people with natural living in a way that revolutionizes health for their body, mind, and spirit and promotes respect for life, individuality, and the beauty of creation while giving glory to God.

The 21Cenury has changed our lives in so many ways. We’ve managed to replace community connections for global concerns, simple family life for corporate growth and striving, real natural living for artificial landscapes and experiences. Our human priorities have been sidelined for progress and productivity with fewer and fewer human emotional and relational returns. We need a reset button, a time and space to re-evaluate our lifestyles, unplug from distractions, disconnect from the unreal and overwhelming, and return to intentional living.

But to just let go of all the rest of the world to achieve this experience can be a challenge in itself. Our intention is to provide the natural setting and experiences to accomplish these life changing desires.

We came to Taseko seeking a simpler way of life, thinking somehow life would be easier! That was not so. The living part was not always easy! And it was even harder work to learn to live intentionally simple. We understand what it means to step outside your comfort zone to confront your pursuits, values, and cultural norms; to see things differently by necessity and reality, and challenge yourself to overcome self imposed limitations; to embrace change and hope.

We have also experienced these struggles first hand both the short and long hauls! We’ve done these journeys on the ground, along the trails and in the dirt, from the air, in-on-and-under the water, and even in our dreams. We’ve personally delighted in discovery, adventure, joy, awe, love, connections; encountered struggles, vulnerability, failures, disappointment, fears; and went on to experience hope, peace, inspiration, pleasure, thankfulness, ease, comfort, and quiet faith. All these experiences and emotions give one perspective, priority, value and a healthy self worth. All these lessons of reality make life more vital and full! And we still desire more!

We desire to share with people the same excitement we’ve experienced-to inspire people to live and think differently, to live life to the fullest and to grow in simplicity being in a more natural setting, bring back a sense of joy for living, and embrace challenges and positive changes with gratitude.

We value love and people-for family, friends, guests, staff, and community- and we encourage healthy, grateful living with nutritious food, exercise, clean water, sunlight, temperance, fresh air, rest, trust, good relationships, and open communication.

We value respect- we value and celebrate the unique and diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives of everyone and treat our guests, participants, staff, and each other with sensitivity and respect.

We value places- from the majestic to the ultra rustic in nature-inviting us to discover, explore, experience, learn, appreciate, glory, and share. We embrace La Verde Vida and are committed to good stewardship of resources through management and sound eco-practices that protect and enhance sustainability and encourage & use enviro-friendly food, products, technology, and innovations.

We value excellence and integrity-the highest standard of professional and ethical behaviour in all our business, work and play endeavors, and communications-especially your authentic experience, service, and safety.

  • Your Authentic Experience is our product. People and places are the foundation of that experience, but at the heart of the experience is you, our guest. We are committed to high end quality and value to ensure your experience is beyond basic to world renowned!

  • In Service we are committed to top notch and professional encounters. We strive to understand, determine, and deliver what our guests want, with a high standard for polite, open and honest communications and excellence in service. Your enjoyment and comfort is our passion.

  • Safety is not an option, it’s foundational. We do not leave safety up to chance but by acquired skills and training, on-going communications, an experienced team, and good back up plans we take seriously the responsibility of you and your family’s safe adventures and let you enjoy the moments.

We value fun, life, our country where every day is an adventure, peace, joy and faith. We value fresh food, friends, neighbors, a good story, comfy beds, hot showers, long walks, camp fires, clean water, star filled nights, creatures great and small, and a place in the mountains to call home.

Live justly, love mercy, walk humbly with thy God.
— Micah 6:8

Some History:  

The original lodge was built by a cowboy named Bill Woods in the 1920s. Bill had a way with animals and always had a well trained horse and dog with him. He was a first class packer and outdoors man who was often hired for transporting explorers and their supplies, he also operated as a guide outfitter.

In the 1930s a prospector by the name of Christopher Vick was in search of gold, after years of unsuccessful digging he left the area, and the 8000′ mountain behind the lodge was named after him, “Vick’s Mountain”.

Local First Nations people also use the unique environment around the lodge for ranching, hunting, fishing, and trapping. We encourage you to visit the Nemiah Valley just west of the Taseko, home of the Xeni Gwetin First Nation to experience their rich and thriving culture. www.xeni.ca

The tales of the early days are rich with adventure and have filled many books! If you are interested to hear and see more we will fill your ears around the camp fire during your stay with us.

Your present day hosts Siegfried and Kelly Reuter have since turned Taseko Lake Lodge into a first class wilderness destination in the Chilcotin while retaining a true wilderness experience and maintaining its rich pioneer heritage.